Brand Story

Lead Lift Liberate

We Lead, lift communities and help achieve socio-economic freedom.


We explore, bring people together (donors, researchers, decision makers) to co-engage on complex development challenges.


We help co-create solutions, implement passionately with target communities, enhance their capabilities to make real and self-sustained improvements.


Our work results in strong progressive impact: improved income, better living & enhanced dignity. We help break shackles of poverty to achieve social and economic liberty.

Evolution of our mnemonic

The logo is a smooth transition from the dark tones of grey to the more bright and positive tones of orange. Resonating with what the brand stands for, both colors speak the brand’s beliefs. While Grey talks of the benefits the brand provides to people, i.e. Security, reliability and dignity. Orange on the other hand reflects the brand’s personality traits i.e. energetic, balanced, enthusiastic and warm.

The ActImpact mnemonic – Our logo shows the journey and upward progression brought about by the confluence of minds and sustained effort. The arrow with a human head denotes the beginning of a journey of betterment of individuals and communities.